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MYScreeners separators are self-contained production screening machines for separating dry materials according to particle size. Through the unique gyratory-reciprocating motion of their near-horizontal screen surface, combined with a positive screen mesh cleaning system, MYScreeners separators provide unusually high efficiency and capacity. All of this is the result of continued development through hundreds of applications in many industries..

Rotex Diagram


All MYScreeners separators utilize a unique screening action that provides an accuracy of separation whilst maintaining production rates. As shown in the image above, the material is fed into the machine, distributed over the entire width of the screen surface, and conveyed toward the discharge end. Larger particles remain above the screen surface, while smaller particles pass through, as determined by the aperture sizes selected for each screen mesh for the application.

MYScreeners separators can be supplied with one to five screening surfaces producing between two and six separate product grades.

Rotex Tension Clip Design

The MYScreeners separators tension-clip allows
for the quick removal and replacement of the
screen mesh by hand. This can be done on-site,
minimising downtime.




The MYScreeners Minerals Separators were specifically designed to meet the demanding screening requirements of Minerals applications.

MYScreeners separators are ideal for processing a wide variety of mineral products including Abrasives, Clay, Rock, Limestone, Salt, Sand, etc.