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Urea                  Potash

Arcon supplies MYScreeners separators for screening Potash, Urea and Ammonium Nitrate. High-capacity MYScreeners separators are widely used throughout the fertilizer industry for the removal of oversize and fines in processing and warehousing operations.

To meet the higher capacity requirements of even larger fertilizer plants, MYScreeners separators, which can handle capacities of up to 400 TPH.

Process screening of fertilizer materials is very demanding for several reasons:

High Capacities

In Process screening, the screeners must handle high capacities and yet make accurate separations. This is in order to provide an on-spec product as well as to minimize the amount of usable product that returns to the process to be recycled.

Dependable Operation

As the screen is located directly in the processing stream, the dependable operation is of the
utmost importance in order to minimize costly downtime.


Warehouse Screening

 After storage, the fertilizer must be screened again to remove any lumps which may have been generated during storage and handling. High-capacity screening equipment is required, with rates up to 400 tons per hour on a single unit. Because of the high tonnages, there is a tendency for plugging or blinding of the screening surfaces; thus an effective screen mesh cleaning system is very important. Also, since many fertilizer warehouse operations involve buildings with comparatively light structures, it is important to isolate machine vibration to prevent damage to the structure or the building itself.